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We are doing SICK work!

Websites on WordPress

We will create such a WordPress website that your competition will be immediately one step behind you. Tailor-made, fast and good-priced website.

E-shops on Shoptet

Simple equations apply here: clear and user-friendly e-shop = more purchases and returning customers. This is exactly what we will build for you.

Promo Video

With professional technology we can capture moments from a different angle. Promo video on social networks or from a wedding? We can do it.


Do you need product or company photos for the web or social networks? We will take pictures of whatever you need. So that we can help you reach your marketing goals.

Graphic design

We will help you set up a unified graphic identity. Even so, a great brand is being built – it always has its entire communication tuned to the letter.

How will cooperation take place?


You will describe to us what you want and how you would imagine it. In return, we will tell you what we can promise you and what we can't.


We thoroughly analyze the market and competition, learn from the good and the bad on their website, and simply design your project better.

3 - Project creation

Based on the findings of the first exchange of information and research, we will create a plan for cooperation and creation of your project.

4 - Consultations

We will consult with you on an ongoing basis. Does this design suit you or will we make any changes?

5 - Implementation

Finally, the best, the actual implementation of the project according to your wishes!

6 - Project handover

We will go through the final product with you, or we will fine-tune the last details based on your feedback. Done!

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Why choose us?

Affordable solution price

Sometimes you just don’t need the most expensive solution. We will find the best for you in terms of price / performance.

Years of experience

We have been operating in the field for over 10 years, we have worked with a number of different clients. So we know what works. It really works.

We do everything with a smile

We enjoy the SICK project and we definitely don’t make a fuss about it.


What we agree applies. Whether it’s price or deadline. It simply wouldn’t be possible without mutual respect.


We enjoy the SICK studio, we play in detail with every project. However, we will always conduct all cooperation in a professional spirit.

Reliable service

We won’t let you down!

Who we are?

SICK Studio was created by joining two enthusiastic creative people who no longer enjoyed looking at generic websites and visuals. So we decided to take matters into our own hands – to bring some color, eccentricity and originality to this gray virtual world ourselves.

Web, photo, video and graphics are activities that intertwine, complement each other and at the same time we enjoy.

Our Team

Lukáš Veselý
Tomáš Kakáč
Šárka Filipiová
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