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We'll create an e-shops in a way that
that the products will sell themselves

E-shop on Shoptet

How to increase the number of purchases on the e-shop and motivate returning customers? It is essential to have a clear and user-friendly e-shop. We work with the Czech proven platform Shoptet or WooCommerce, on which we will exhibit a competitive online store. We can handle a small e-shop and sellers with thousands of orders a day. We will create and adapt your e-shop graphically and functionally so that it behaves and looks exactly as you imagine.

What all are we able to do for you within the e-shop?

Data migration and feed connection

We will transfer data from your existing e-shop to Shoptet whether it is products, categories, URLs addresses or contacts. We connect supplier and product feeds.

Web design

We will adapt the Shoptet template so that it creates a web design according to your ideas. One that respects all the principles of UX. In other words: to make the website not only nice, but easy for users to navigate and buy. We not only design e-shops but also translate it into code. So it’s completely worry-free for you.

Promotion and Marketing

We will create a logo, an engaging video or great labels for products and categories.

Cash register systems

We will connect the e-shop to your economic and accounting system. We integrate payment gateways.

How will cooperation work?

1 - The first communication

You will describe to us what you want and how you would imagine it. In return, we will tell you what we can promise you and what we can't.

2 - Survey and analysis

We thoroughly analyze the market and competition, learn from the good and the bad on their website, and simply design your e-shop better.

3 - Design creation

Based on the findings from the first exchange of information and research, we will create the design of your e-shop.

4 - Consultation

We will consult with you on an ongoing basis. Does this design suit you or will we make any changes?

5 - Coding

Once we are on the same page, we start coding your future e-shop.

6 - Project handover

We will go through the final product with you, if needed, we will fine-tune the last details based on your feedback. Done!

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