Soul to Soul

Soultosoul is the nick name for yoga teacher Marta, whom you can meet in the beautiful studios of Yoga Brno. It wants to expand its offer to online yoga and this is associated with its promotion through videos and websites

Project description

For Soul to Soul Mart, we solved the whole project from the very beginning. She had a vision that we turned into a real work. We launched a simple website, invented a logo and helped with the presentation in the online world.

The collaboration included several shootings. One of them took place in a beautiful place in South Moravia. Waiting for ideal conditions took almost a week, but it was worth it. Fog levitating above the water and a kitschy sunrise. What more could you want for the shots? 🙂 This resulted in a beautiful presentation video.

Key points

  • Web development
  • Logo design
  • Photo shooting
  • Corporate identity

I am always maximally satisfied with the result.

Soul to Soul Marta