Villa na Vinici

It is a small accommodation facility in Prague. Villa na Vinici is a beautiful design Villa run by two brothers. The family atmosphere and perfect services are known in this project and clients are happy to return. For more information visit

Project description

We were honored to be part of the great Villa in Vinici project. Our job was to come up with a logo, take a picture of Villa and help with promotional material. In 2020, we launched a completely new site. The documents were prepared, so the launch took 10 days from the assignment. Everything turned out great. Look by yourself.

Key points

  • Website design
  • Photographing the whole object
  • Logo production
  • Production of printed matter
  • Marketing assistance

We left the entire company presentation to SICK Studio. I would highly recommend it to others. Their view of the matter always surprises me and their results are perfect.

Roman Lánský